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When someone asks, "What Colour are You?" tell them "iMA High Blue"!

You are a pleasant co-operative warm supportive team player. You need reassurance that you are liked and personal assurances that you are doing a good job help you to feel comfortable within your job.

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iMA High Blues answer Yes!

High Blues tend to answer "Yes!" to many of the following questions:

  • Do you prefer stability at work and at home? Do you tend to avoid risks and change, and only accept change a little at a time?
  • Do you take your time to make the "right" decisions and you often seek advice from others?
  • Do you dislike pushy, aggressive behaviour?
  • Are you a natural team player who likes to be involved in groups as opposed to independent activities?
  • At work, do you prefer to know the step-by-step sequence of projects and tasks?
  • Do you tend to procrastinate getting started until everything is in place?

High Blues Need: Friendship

  • You Want: To be Liked
  • For Others: To be Pleasant
  • To Maintain: Relationships
  • Excited by: Productive routine

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